As usual, I can't sleep. I try exercise, food, sedatives, and just end up still being awake eight hours later. If I had at least planned this, I could be getting some work done. Now watch me give in at something like 11:00 AM, just in time to miss lunch with Ailinh whom I haven't seen in a long time and sleep through the viewing of Solaris I had planned.

My face hurts. See, I grew up in Northern California, and my first Pittsburgh Winter shredded my face. I didn't actually notice until I came home and everyone started mentioning it, and the "girl" I "love" gave me some lotion that turned a minor appearance problem into a painful disfiguring rash, adding insult to injury and further irony to my life. On a similar note, my thumb is still falling apart. It was looking pretty good the other day, but then I stopped bandaging it during waking hours, and it's looking pretty bad again. Heigh ho.

I'm getting sick. Again. And the Vicks Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray is nowhere to be found, leaving me defenseless until morning, by which time the little buggers will have made an expletive fortress out of my tonsils, and I will feel more pain that I presently do.

That came out sounding more pessimistic than I actually feel. Then again, things always come out sounding more pessimistic than I actually feel. Heigh ho.

I just finished listening to Secret of Mana + for the second time tonight. That was nice; it really goes well with the whole noding attitude. It's lonely at night, when there is nothing specific to do and every sane human is asleep. I just want someone to meet with me, talk to me, distract me momentarily from this profound loneliness... And it sure wouldn't hurt if that someone were an attractive girl who likes E2, wink wink.

Ah well, as long as time is passing. I'm happy to be approaching a period of life in which meaning will be trivial. That's hope for ya. If you have hope, you have everything. And as long as there is Everything, there is hope.