Another typical day for me, almost...

School was, well, school as usual. Math was rather fun; today I finally decided to learn maximization with calculus (as opposed to Algebra, like last year). The next five hours blew on past, and at Mock Trial, at the end of the day, I had some important information to bring up about the ammonia content in quick dry cement (fascinating stuff, I'm sure). Then, here's when my day became atypical: As I was walking to the street where I parked my car, a Ford truck of some sort was driving behind me. It slowed down to a crawl, and I saw the window go down, and someone yelled at me: "Hey, I'm a fucking faggot ass!" The driver of the truck then sped up and drove off. "Hah," I think to myself -- that's pretty funny! Usually I would expect people to insult someone ELSE as they drive by, but this individual decided it would be funny to insult himself. I thought it was funny, also.

I got home, homework as usual...Latin was atypically boring -- today's translation for the Aeneid was a boring descriptive scene of Mercury's coming to Carthage, and Venus' coming to pious Aeneas in the forest. Wow. You should read the Aeneid sometime -- it's a rather interesting propoganda peice for the Romans. Why? Read it, and find out!

I slightly revised some of my nodes today (Supremacy Clause, and the wonderfully not-quite-complete Participle); I squished out some grammatical errors (of which I, of course, had few) and some word choices. I contemplated adding a writeup to the Necessary and Proper Clause to assuage my growing annoyance I have every time I see its evil nodeshell, but I decided against it, as I've had enough with History today. Andrew Jackson was really an awful man, with his "Let's appeal to the commonfolk" ideas. *Shudder* Ever wonder why America fell into depression in 1837? The wonderful Mr. Jackson decided to kill the Bank of the United States by depositing its money in state and local banks. What a fool! He doesn't deserve to be on the US $20 bill. Anyway, I've digressed. I believe I'm going to harass my Mock Trial teacher.