A horribly scary, yet completely incoherent dream. First, you need to know that I got my license just about a month ago, and I'm trying very hard not to do anything stupid to lose it. Here goes:

I'm driving around in a parking lot, and I find a space into which to park. I back into the parking space (in a white 4Runner, the car I drive), and almost hit a small Hispanic girl, about eight years old. Her mother runs up to the window and starts screaming at me. I paniced, backed into the wall behind the parking space, threw the car into drive, and swerved out of the parking lot. I drove, for a long time. Somehow I made it to Yosemite Valley...I was driving my car aroudn the forest, trying to hide from the police who were following me. Eventually, I was caught and brought to trial...in the outdoors at Yosemite. The woman whose child I almost hit was screaming at the judge and me, and miraculously, I ran to my car unnoticed, and drove off. I drove to an apartment building where my friend lived, and I asked if I could "chill" for a while there while this whole case settled down. I stayed there for about a month, until one of his neighbors called the police, claiming to see me there. This fat officer came in with a flashlight and a bucket of paint (???). He walked in all of the rooms except for the one I was in and left. When I got up, he came out of nowhere and said "frmhdmd!!" He started chasing me and I jumped out of a window. I landed in the mall and hid in a clothing store. I was finally caught by an undercover cop.
After a long trial, my license was revoked fo-eva, and I was put in jail for five years. After four years, I starved to death. The End