The sun source of all martial arts, from The Destroyer series of action adventure novels created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. The secrets of Sinanju were given by the gods to the first Master of Sinanju in a vision, and have been passed down, father to son, ever since. The sign of the House of Sinanju is a trapezoid bisected by a vertical slash.

In the series, Sinanju is also the name of a small village on the coast of North Korea. The reigning Master of Sinanju is responsible for protecting the inhabitants of the village and feeding them in times of famine. For hundreds of years, the Masters have traveled the world to seek employment from heads of state as royal assassins. They have amassed a huge treasure of gold, jewels and other valuables in payment for their work, as well as volumes of Histories documenting each nation's language, customs and terms of service. Rulers who engendered much work for Sinanju and paid promptly are admired. Amateurs are despised.

The Masters of Sinanju can kill with a touch, dodge bullets and crush metal in their hands as well as many other marvelous martial arts feats. Their strength comes from secret breathing techniques and a diet consisting almost entirely of rice and fish, sometimes duck. Eating beef and most other foods can sicken or kill them. They disdain the use of guns and other weapons. They can also bring a woman to sexual ecstasy using only a fingertip on her wrist.

Chiun, the current Master of Sinanju, works for a secret United States government organization called CURE. Because Chiun has no living descendents, he has been forced to train an American ex-police officer named Remo Williams as his successor. Originally, Remo was to learn only enough of Sinanju to take over as CURE's enforcement arm, but his surprising aptitude convinced Chiun to adopt him and name him the next Master of Sinanju.