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I was browsing on Google when the term 'petticoat punishment' led to a brief defintion as 'transvestic activity where a man is dressed like a maid or schoolgirl and spanked.'

This is reasonable enough as the shortest and most concise definition of 'Petticoat Punishment' but the experience often goes much further, as my personal experience attests. My username speaks for itself and was conferred on me by my mistress, Lisette. When I proposed to her she answered that she would only agree on her own strict terms. These were that I submit to her completely, in all matters and that my submission should be reflected in my clothing.

I had to answer without asking for further details or her reply would be 'No'. I loved (and love) her so much that I agreed and from that day to the present I have lived under her dominance. We married seven years ago and never have I regretted a day. However, true to her word, my life has changed in ways I would never have imagined.

First there is her modification of my dress. For work I have always worn a suit shirt and tie and that hasn't changed. However, under this formal appearance I always wear pull-on nappies, plastic pants and cotton floral pants. Over this I wear opaque black tights and a 38B Playtex '18 Hour Panti Girdle'. This has been mistress's everyday wear for me since the day following my proposal and although I have become used to it with time I can never be sure that others do not see the extra bulk of my nappies nor the outline of my pantygirdle. I have had what I imagine to be knowing smiles from some of my female co-workers but I have never said anything for fear of having my worst fears confirmed! I must add that I had never ever worn any women's clothes prior to my proposal and that has taken a lot to get used to them - and everything else I am subject to at mistress hands. But more of that as this journal unfolds.