Tocotronic is a german band from Hamburg. Their musical style could be compared with Nirvana and they are one of the founders of the so called Hamburger Schule. This group of bands, including Sterne, Blumfeld and some less well known bands, stands for a new type of German rock music away from 80' hard rock bands like The Scorpions. They have a complete different basis as other German rock bands, which mostly come from the working class. Tocotronic stands for a young and intellectual music.

Tocotronic consists of:
Dirk von Lowtzow - vocals, guitar
Jan Müller - bass, vocals
Arne Zank - drums, vocals guitar

Short Discography

  • Meine Freundin und ihr Freund 7" (1994)
  • Digital ist besser - LP and CD (1995)
  • Nach der verlorenen Zeit - LP and CD (1995)
  • Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren - LP and CD (1996)
  • Es ist egal,aber - LP and CD (1997)
  • The Hamburg Years - CD (1998)
  • KOOK - LP and CD(1999)

If you live outside of Germany I would suggest you buy "The Hamburg Years". This is a compilation of songs from all their other releases (some are sung in English).