Blue jeans on fire!
Chevrolet Elvis!
Blue jeans on fire!
New York, let's go!

"Blue Jeans on Fire", performed by singer Yoko Akino, during the episode of Iron Chef, Iron Chef Japanese Vs. American Bachelor Chef. Her singing talents are greatly appreciated by photographer Toshi Taguda, fortune teller Heriko Yamazaki, and famous murderer Yakimuro Saijo.

I found this to be a very sterotypical take off of J-Pop, since many modern young Japanese artistss sing in English and strive to be as American as possible. (Such as "UCLA Yankee Cola") I do not quite know the reason for this, but it is quite humourous. Most J-Pop lyrics don't even make sense. The verses are very repetitive and the songs themselves (at least the singing parts) are incredibly small.

However, if you give it a chance, J-Pop can be good. There is a very limited amount of space on the Internet where you can download J-Pop music, so I suggest you purchase some CDs from Amazon or CD-NOW. Good bands to check out are:

  • Snail Ramp
  • Duck Missile

Now, go, be off!

The above Iron Chef and singer information, and anything having to do with it in this node were actually from a Saturday Night Live skit which first aired on January 13, 2001.