Accuracy International, or AI, was founded in 1978 and is a weapons manufacturer concentrated on precision (sniping) rifles.

The company is based in Portsmouth England, and manufacture the best weapons systems for sniping in the world today.

In early 1980's British Army started the search for the replacement of the aging L42 Enfield sniper rifles. Main compettitors were british companies Parker-Hale with their model 82 bolt action rifle, and Accuracy International, with their PM rifle. Eventually, PM rifle won the competition and was accepted by British Army under the designation of L96.

In the 1980s Swedish military was looking around for a new sniper rifle, that could endure the harsh climes. AI again become the winner in this race with improved L96 design, named "Arctic Warfare" (AW). In 1988 Swedish forces adopt AW rifle in 7.62mm NATO chambering under the designation of PSG 90 (Prickskytte Gevär 90 - Sniper Rifle 90).

The British Army, in its turn, also adopted this improved design under the designation of L96A1. As well as many other militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world. In 1998, the German Army adopted the AW Super Magnum rifle chambered in 7.62x67mm as Scharfschutzengewehre G22.