1851 - New York City, NY. One of the most widely respected and widely quoted daily newspapers on the planet. It is owned by the New York Times Company.

Known as "The paper of record" owing to it's being quoted so frequently. A veritable Icon of American Culture. One of the best examples of The Sunday paper there is; available in most major American cities. One of the features of the sunday edition is The New York Times Book Review which is also sold as a separate publication.

In 1971Daniel Ellsberg approached them with the Pentagon Papers which they published. This began the unraveling of the Nixon Administration and garnered the a place on the list of Top 100 Works of Journalism In the United States In the 20th Century. Finally resulting in the legal action New York Times Co. v. United States which ended up in the Supreme Court. The Times prevailed, Nixon lost.

Some of the reporters / Columnists include:

They also control New York Times bestseller list which ranks current bestselling books.

The news sections are as follows:

  • International
  • National
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Health
  • Sports
  • New York Region
  • Weather
  • Corrections

The Features sections include:

  • Arts
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Travel
  • Dining and Wine
  • Home and Garden
  • Fashion and Style
  • New York Today
  • Crossword/Games (once edited by Martin Gardner now by Will Shortz)
  • Cartoons
  • Magazine
  • Week in Review
  • Photos
  • College
  • Learning Network

Although newspapers in general have had declining circulations for some decades, widely distributed papers like the NYT, USA Today, the Financial Times posted modest gains in the last few years.

These days they have a very substatial web presence, but you must register to access most of it.


You might also use this: How to view New York Times articles online without registering.

They have a pretty good search engine which can search all articles going back to 1996.

Also available in dead tree ware format...

Circulation for 6 months ending Sept 30. 1998:

Better summarized on A Guide to American Newspaper Readership.

Think of this, they published articles on the Civil War, while it was still news.

Other Newspapers include:

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