Yeah,I'm a comfortable tee shirt
no confines to keep my wearers arms
from swinging his hairy knuckled ham hands
at the back or belly of his common law wife

My favorite place to hide though
Is under a button down Oxford,
Under that Brooks Brothers suit
I can hide,
hide there and no one,
No one, suspects I'm there
You won't find us on the dole
or at the O.T.B.
We're at work,
For a Fortune 500 company
No one looks for me here.

After all, how could my wearer beat his spouse
if he's busy hosting a weekend at the Vineyard?
You'll more likely hear him dumping buckets full of
verbal abuse and humiliation on her.
But when the guests have gone,
and the caterer has left,
Then I get to breathe,
When the sweater and the Oxford come off.

I dreamt of you last night.
The night he chased you down,
And threw you to the ground.
It breaks me to see you scared.
To see him angry.
To see you both.


Him, not wanting you to leave.
You, not wanting him there.
So tonight I'll listen to sad songs.

He ends up in our guest room.
Hurting and ashamed.
Just across the hall from me.
And still you filled my dreams.
I can only wonder if you feel the same.
Alone in your house.

As I cradle and comfort my pillow.
Wishing it was you.
And now the world knows.
That I'm a sucker
For a woman in trouble.