While its true that the Nazis weren't always keen on Disney films (they banned a few) Hitler was apparently a big enough fan to borrow Disney's techniques for use in anti-Jewish proganda films. Over a hundred cartoons used animation techniques lifted form Disney cartoons according to German film historians (quoted in http://www.infoculture.cbc.ca/archives/misc/misc_05041999_disney.html)

Walt himself was later to prove himself fond of one or two ex-Nazis including Wernher von Braun head of the V-2 rocket program. Von Braun appeared in the 1955 Tomorrowland programme called Men in Space alongside one Heinz Haber. Haber also appeared a later programme Our Friend the Atom where he was introduced on screen, by Walt himself, as head of the (actually non-existent) Disney Scientific Department. Dr Haber, along with Von Braun, was part of a group of German scientists who had been brought to the US to work on the Manhattan Project at White Sands as part of the notorious Operation Paperclip.