Claus von Bulow was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1926. In 1966, he married Sunny von Auersperg, formerly Martha "Sunny" Crawford. Sunny divorced Prince Alfred "Alfie" von Auerperg after an unpleasant marriage, from which she produced two children, Alexander and Annie Laurie. They had their first and only child in 1967. On December 27, 1979, Sunny fell into her first coma which she quickly recovered from. On December 21, 1980, Sunny lapsed into a perminent coma do to a dangerous level of insulin in her body. Her husband, Claus, was accused of attempted murder. The belief was that he would inherit her money and marry his mistress, Alexandra Ilses, a soap-opera actress. The children from Sunny von Bulows first marriage launched an investigation in se arch of evidense to bring Claus to trial. In July, 1981, Claus was indicted for the attempted murder of Sunny on two counts. On March 16, 1982, Claus was convicted of two counts of attempted murder and sentenced to thirty years in prison but was released on $1 million bail. He contracted the services of Alan Dershowitz to handle his appeal. On June 10, 1985, Claus von Bulow was acquited on both charges of attempted murder. He remained married to the comatose Sunny von Bulow.