Jango Fett is a fictional character created by George Lucas for the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones He is played by Maori actor Temuera Morrison of New Zealand.

Jango Fett sports shiny millennium-style (what it has to do with millenia, I don't know) silver Mandalorian helmet and armor. The helmet can be recognized by its signature T-shaped visor, the armor by its multiple layered pieces fitting together on a durable vest. Underneath, Fett wears a purple/bluish flight suit. His arsenal contains custom made pistols hanging in two leather holsters on his thigh, concealed kneepad rocket launchers, a grappling gun, a whip cord thrower, a flamethrower, and an overhead missile attached to his mounted jetpack. His main transportation is his own spaceship, the Slave I, a heavily modified Kuat Systems Firespray Class Sub-Light Patrol Vehicle.

Jango Fett was a human born on the planet Concord Dawn. Both his parents were murdered when he was young, during a planet-wide civil war. He was orphaned, but was then adopted by a fierce race of warriors known as the Mandalorians, and raised as their own. He learned combat skills and earned his own right into the tribe.

The Mandalorians were eradicated by the Jedi in battle later on, but Fett managed to survive. Fett's mentor, Jaster Mereel was also among the survivors. (Mereel would eventually help Jango's son Boba greatly.) He kept his Mandalorian armor as a tribute to his adopted race. He took to bounty hunting as a source of revenue, and made a name for himself. In little time, Fett became known as the most fearless, ruthless, and effective bounty hunter in the galaxy. His reputation was legendary, and he had skill to match the stories told about him. He had even brushed with Jedi and survived.

Jango Fett ran into a group of cloners on a remote planet outside the galactic rim known as Kamino. There, he agreed to be the genetic donor for an entire clone army. In return, he requested vast sums of credits and a pure clone untampered by the genetic modifications that accelerated their growth rates. He spent 10 more years on that planet, raising his son, and providing the clones with military training. He still took on well paying missions as a bounty hunter from time to time. During his escapades, he met a fellow bounty hunter named Zam Wesell. They had several missions together and eventually became allies. A very subtle romance had even developed between them. Fett however, was forced to kill her after a failed assassination when she was preparing to disclose classified information about her client. She was the only person other than Boba that could bring out the human side in Jango Fett.

Jango's devotion to his son is unquestionable. Since Boba Fett was born, Jango always looked out for him. Jango taught him how to fight, pilot a ship, and survival skills. He built his character, made him into an excellent marksman and tracker. He taught him the skills needed to be a bounty hunter and secrets of the Mandalorians. Apart from that, he was also a very loving father, he played various games with him: Catch, Starships, Ball, and they even went fishing together. He was always in control, a very strict father, but loving nonetheless. "I want you to have a childhood, it's something I never had," he told his son as he was leaving for a mission. Jango Fett cared for his son, and he knew his job was a dangerous one. He knew he could die any moment if he was ever careless, so he prepared a book for Boba to read in case he died before Boba was ready to become independent.

What Fett feared happened on the planet Geonosis at the start of the Clone Wars, when he was beheaded by Jedi Master Mace Windu during a mission for Count Dooku. Fett was buried by his son near his place of death, and his grave is still marked with the letters J.F., spelt out by blasted droid parts. Jango Fett was dead, but the name and reputation of Fett would live on in his son.

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