Today I wake up at a decent time, and I call up my health insurance company to check on my insurance claim. They assure me that it is being processed and that if I just wait a few weeks I'll get my money. The surgery was on November 22, 2000. I think I've waited long enough. I try to call up the judge about a ticket I got. But he has decided to go to lunch early yet again. Twice now I've tried to get ahold of him, twice to no avail.

So I head into work, stopping by the store first to buy a pack of cigarettes. There's a girl there, with short gelled blonde hair. She is tall and slender, and not very svelte but certainly cute. Other then her hair, (short is unusual for this area) there is nothing bizarre about her. But I wouldn't be surprised if she was harboring a nipple piercing or some neurotic disorder, a closet basketcase of some sort. I could dig her. She doesn't say much, and seems shy. She speaks Spanish fluently, something that you need in a town where 70% of the population are illegal Mexican immigrants working on the various ranches and dairies.

I continue my journey into work, stopping by the local Subway. The regular there is a girl with twenty-two piercings in her ear. I feel slightly intimidated by this because I only have five. At least my hair is much longer and prettier. She gives me a discount each day, and has my order prepared for me as I walk up to the door. She likes me, this much is apparent. Her voice is too butch and she's too much of a social butterfly.

Finally I get to work. I start lugging the computer I rebuilt over the weekend in, when my boss decides to jump all over my case because he hasn't received a package from FedEx. I tell him I have the tracking numbers and will get on it as soon as I finish with the computer. I lug the computer in, have a hell of a time configuring our UPS thermal 2442 printer. All the while he's behind my back jumping on my ass about this package. It's his birthday today so I try not to rip his throat out. The package he wants is on the truck, which hasn't been by yet. I tell him this, yet he isn't placated.

The package comes eventually, the computer gets together eventually, the day seems to come together eventually. Eventually takes forever. The boss is buzzing off the walls more then usual today. Too much cake for him maybe.

So I leave that job and head up to my second job. The gate guards stop me and decide to do a full search of my vehicle. They seemed amused by the McDonald's toys and Rubik's cube. They leave me be, not without first questioning what a drugged out looking, long haired hippy, with candy colored bracelets is doing on a military installation. I tell them I work for the college. They raise an eyebrow and tell me to carry on. I putter on down the block, and the parking lot is full. In thirty minutes the lot will be empty, and when I go to leave, there my car will sit alone in the furthest parking space from the door. Seems fitting.

Things look slow at work, but looks are deceiving. The regulars come in. Pam is back from her vacation. She showers me with animal cookies and money to buy a book she wants me to read. She's also bought me another bracelet from New Mexico to add to my eclectic collection, although she's forgotten it. Sigh, if only she was 20 years younger and single. Unfortunately her daughter isn't old enough. I teach Pam all about lines and graphs, what an even or odd function is. I'm bored while I'm rambling the same thing to yet another student. At a few given times in my life Algebra actually sparked my interest. Since I've had this job it has ceased to do anything for me. I can now figure out factors of trinomials in my head, although while I'm tutoring I'm watching the screen savers on the computers. Pam leaves, and another regular comes in. I made the mistake a week ago of asking her how her day went. She answered me, and hasn't stopped yet. I stare through her as she rambles, grunting recognition now and then. I'm really balancing my checkbook in my head. For those who are interested I have $146.56 in the bank.

I answer a few more questions and watch as the clock ticks to 7pm. I quickly buy the book online that Pam wants me to read and has paid for. I tell Joe my boss I'm out and I'll see him tomorrow. Joe thinks my first boss is on speed. He might be right on that one. I'm glad I didn't have any cake.

I come home, and call up this guy who wants me to try out for his band tomorrow. Answering machine. I'm not thinking this is going to pan out. So I call up my ex-girlfriend who has been bugging me for the past week. We get caught up on past events. And I try to tell her that running off to Houston with a 26 year old military male who 'seems nice' is probably not a good idea. Sometimes she just doesn't get it. Part of me is hoping she'll screw up her life in that way, just so she won't call me anymore.

Grandfather is on the computer, which angers me to no avail. I'm not home that often and when I am I'd like to have my time on it. I decide I must build a computer for myself. I guess now I know what I'll spend that $146.56 on. I go to bed at 9pm, something that I didn't want to do but other then the computer I have nothing to keep me awake. I'm too skittish to play guitar for three hours. So I sleep. I wake up at 11pm. Which is why I didn't want to go to bed at 9pm. I wasn't exhausted enough to actually stay asleep.

The computer is free now, and the house is desolate. But for some reason I can't connect to the Internet. I'm noding in notepad. Which is probably a good practice. It still angers me that I can't go online.