Alarm clock went off at 10, I woke up at 2. I needed to be at Wal-mart at 11 to fix their computers, looks like I missed out on what could have been a good job.

So I head into my second part-time job to discover that the comptuers are down. No noding at work today. So I play minesweeper for hours, it being the only intellectual game on the computer that will interest me for more then three seconds.

A couple of students come in for tutoring, which is what I'm supposed to do at this job. I explain logs and conic sections to a few. Also hammer out a few trigonometry problems.

I come home, my school has sent me a bill for 0.00 dollors, and I'm wondering why they wasted the paper or the postage. I call up a guy who answered an add about me and my guitar playing. He wants to sit around and have an acoustic session Wednesday. We'll see what becomes of that. He's supposed to call back, but he doesn't.

So I come online, and this girl I've been fucking is also online. She wants to go out this weekend.

This girl thanks me after sex, and has even gone to the point of telling me I'm great at sex. This has happened with the last three girls I've screwed and it bothers me every time. I can't be that great. I'm not even giving these girls my full attention most of the time. And the girls I've been screwing, are not virgins. Haven't they had a decent screw at some point? Yet I know I'm not teriable enough for them to be saying this out of pity. I guess I should feel good that I'm great at sex, but I already know I'm good and them saying thank you just makes me feel like a cheap whore.

Anyway, this girl wants to go out this weekend, and I'm really thinking about becoming 'busy' for some reason or another. I have nothing against the girl, it's just I think I can do better. Maybe I can find a girl I can thank after sex.

The last few nodes I've been writing have actually gotten positive votes, and I guess I'm getting the hang of noding.