Giant robots... where do I begin? They have been kings of Japanese anime for decades, but as far as real life goes, where the hell are they? I mean, we still use tanks, helicopters, and jeeps on the fields of battle. How are we supposed to advance warfare at this pace? In forty years, computers went from being building-sized to being able to be held in one's hand; why hasn't the technology for creating giant robots sprung up as quickly? Why hasn't someone designed a giant robot? Why hasn't a company built one?

Where are any of our futuristic goodies? Where are our flying cars, our nanobots, our advanced genetic engineering? Hell, what do we have? Junk mail delivered at light speed, "revolutionary" B2B companies, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5.

It's the year 2000. I don't know about you, but I want my future, and I want it now.