This ficticious microprocessor manufactured by E-com-con Corporation was featured in the pilot of The Lone Gunmen. The current slogan for the chip is "We Do Speed (tm)" Despite being an obvious play on the Pentium and its security issues (the processor ID), the Octium IV is several thousand times more powerful than your average Beowulf cluster. According to the web site, it has the following specs:
  • Ni-Cad Hydrogen (tm) enhanced, Ductless Cooling System (tm) (DCS)
  • 88,368KB total system cache
  • 6.8GB L2 cache and 98.5GB L3 cache, in addition to the 384MB L1 cache.
  • 6.3GHz frontside bus, expandable to a Level 7 gigaflop trans-converter (sounds like Frohike's cable boxes, to me)
  • 9000 parallel intensive specialized execution speed optimization units.
  • 6.8GFLOPS
  • Seventy-level branch Nostradamus (tm) prediction algorithm
  • Full out-of-order and back-in-order execution
  • Up to ninety RISC866 instructions per clock
  • Multiport internal cache structure enabling simultaneous, bi-synchronous, 864-bit reads/writes of L1/L2 cache deployment modules (yes, this was copy-paste, but my wrists and my sides hurt)
  • Is fully supported under X-OS: eXtreme operating system

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