I just got my Game Boy Advance yesterday, and I've been playing it pretty much ever since. Seeing as now is "rest-so-my-eyes-don't-fall-out" time, I'll do a quick writeup. The one thing that really sticks out is just how damn small the unit is; it's about as big as a Game Boy Color, and the cartridges are half the size of regular Game Boy carts. The screen is much larger and clearer, but it also suffers from being a bit dark. Getting sufficient light isn't extremely hard, but it's more of a chore than with the ordinay Game Boy (although the glare is cut considerably with the darker screen).

The only game that I really have to talk about is F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, as it shows off the GBA's abilities very well. Despite the quick movements on the screen, motion blur is virtually non-existant. The graphics are another big plus; they are at least on par with the Super Nintendo version of F-Zero, and I tend to believe they surpass it. If you have heard a regular Game Boy's screeching sound, the audio on the Game Boy Advance will blow you away. Although the system only has one speaker, it supports stereo with ear phones (I still can't figure out why they would have such incredible sound for a portable and limit it by including only one speaker!). The controls aren't as cumbersome as you would think, but things still get a little cramped if you have large hands. Also, the necessity to tap the A button while holding down the R button is a real pain, but seeing as that's the only major control issue with F-Zero, I won't complain too much.

All in all, I'm impressed. If Nintendo doesn't drop the ball and releases solid titles (a new Metroid, Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest, maybe a Final Fantasy), I'll remain a happy camper. If you're on the edge of a purchasing decision, all I can tell you is that yes, it is worth the money. With a myriad of action, adventure, RPG, and puzzle games on the way, you won't be disappointed.