E-com-con Corporation is the ficticious company from the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen. It was most likely modeled after a hybrid of Intel and Microsoft. They produce a variety of software and hardware products including the Octium IV and X-OS: eXtreme operating system. The Lone Gunmen see them for what they really are, however, and managed to (eventually) retrieve an Octium IV processor which proved that the company was trying to invade the privacy of its users. All in all, it's a standard Evil Corporation.

Fox put up an incredible web site for the company, which was "defaced" by The Lone Gunmen. Tons of information, ranging from products, to investment information, to employment opportunities can be found on the site, including added commentary by the trio of hackers. The most notable of all the defacements has to be of Dr. Daniel Pendrell, the CEO of E-com-con Corporation (aka, the devil). The site can be found at http://www.e-com-con.com/

You could have found this site by going to http://www.thelonegunmen.com/ and then finding the hidden Octium IV processor. Although it's Shockwave Flash, it's actually well done.