This phenomenon is most easily noticed in the real world in Japanese cars. On the outside, they look as if they could contain 2.5 children and a small dog, perhaps a pug or toy poodle. However, upon entering the car--all the time fearing that your back will snap like a toothpick due to the seemingly impossible angle you believe your body will need to make--the realization comes that the car is hardly as small as it looks from the outside. In fact, you might think "Wow! This is pretty damn roomy!" When you exit the car, you will notice that it still looks tiny and toy-like, and either your brain will implode or you'll just shrug it off. Of course, to those of us in the scientific community, we understand that this is due to Japanese shrink ray technology, but that's another node.

Japanese shrink ray technology revolves around the hypothesis that Japanese cars that are sent to non-Asian countries include a device to decrease and increase the size of driver and passengers as they enter and exit the car. It is a reference to some comedian from days of yore, but I can't think of who said it for the life of me. If you know, a /msg would really be appreciated.