Stephen King's The Dead Zone is also now a cable TV show starring Anthony Michael Hall.

The show began in June 2002 on the USA Network and will soon also be shown on the Sci-Fi Channel's Friday night line-up.

Created by Shawn and Michael Piller (who wrote and directed some of the best episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine), the show is "based" on the characters from the King novel. Hall plays Johnny Smith, a young man who wakes up from a coma after 6 years to find that he has psychic powers which allow him to see into the lives of anyone he touches.

While a bit silly at times, fans of Anthony Michael Hall will be pleased to see him as the star of his own series. The show often rips off old episodes of Millenium, The X-files and Quantum Leap, but it is still worth watching and I think it will get better and more original with each episode.

6.4 Million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere of The Dead Zone, setting the record as the highest rated debut of a series on the USA Network. Also, the show has broken the best ratings record in history for a series on cable, which was previously held by The Shield.