I have been laughing big, open-mouthed laughs all day. These laughs come when I am surprised by how funny something is. I love surprise humor. It is the best. There is nothing like it.

I was watching the terribly old-looking Marie Osmond on the Today Show this morning when Scoresby told me he was about to take the dog for his morning walk. "Now don't look at your Christmas presents. I haven't wrapped them yet. Don't peek!" he said. I told him of course I would not peek. I want to be surprised. I would in no way peek. I asked him why he suddenly thought I was going to peek when the box of presents from Amazon.com had been sitting in the living room for over a day now. He said, "Because you are a pretty girl and pretty girls never wait for anything." This made me laugh. Big, wide-mouthed laughter. Then he looked at old Marie Osmond and said, "She's married to Donny, right?" More laughter.... No! They are brother and sister.

My mother-in-law was IMing me this evening about how at her school, one of the dads dressed up as Santa and came to see the kids today. The first little boy to sit on his lap was a four year old named Timothy. Here is what little Tim said to Santa, "I don't need any more toys. But what I do need is a vacuum cleaner. I need a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the crumbs." I pictured little Tim surrounded by crumbs. Heaps and heaps of crumbs. The crumbs worry him. Once again, this made me laugh.

Sometimes, I wonder why people drink and I guess if drinking were like laughing I'd drink like a fish. It is my favorite feeling. My shiny lovely place.