I am just throwing these thoughts together:

Missing The Point (or MTP) is a condition which occurs when playing any number of games which require the player to impale an object, such as a ball or small animal, on a pointed object. Most games, in fact, involve some kind of points, and therefore it follows that these games include some kind of sharp and finely-tapered protrusion. If a game does not include such a feature, than obviously it is absurd to claim that it has points at all.

For clarity, games involving impaling a thing upon a point differ from games involving impaling a point upon a thing, such as throwing a javelin or firing an arrow at an object, such as a ball or small animal. Obviously, if you're throwing a javelin at a ball and you missed the ball, it is your point which has missed instead of having been missed. The only way you could be claimed to have missed the point is if you were throwing the ball at the javelin, and failed to impale.

That's it, that's all I have.

At this point.