The VIN number is a number invented by Vin Diesel, who actually owns all the cars in the world, and needed some way to keep track of them. You think you own your car? Nope, Vin Diesel owns it, and his freaking name is right there on the door, stamped on a metal plate just so you can't steal his car. The insurance company requires your VIN number when you get a policy so they can let Vin Diesel know if you've fuxxored up one of his cars. Usually he doesn't care, because he's got so damn many of them.

You might have noticed in the movies even, Vin Diesel will be chasing some dude (probably because that dude has stolen one of Vin's cars) and Vin will just pick a random car going down the street and order the driver out so he can take the car to chase down the bad guy. That's because that's Vin's car too. If you've seen Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mel Gibson or George Clooney or Bruce Willis do that, it's because they're friends of Vin, so he's letting them borrow one of his cars. So if you're ever driving a car down the street, and Vin Diesel runs up and demands the car, you'd better give Vin his damn car!!