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[Night] had long since spread its [wings] over this quiet patch of countryside. On a cobbled drive leading to a rustic [cottage] stood the familiar figure of a young man in glasses, still dressed in his school uniform, poised to toss pebbles against a [window] above. Clank, clank, clank, they went, until a glimmer of light appeared from within, and a [silhouette] could be seen approaching the window.

"Jo!!" the harshly whispered shout floated in through the window pane. "Hey Jo!!"

Joanna Kathleen Rowling -- better known to the world as "[J.K. Rowling]," but known to dear friends as "Jo," flung open the window and peered into the hazy darkness. "Who is-- Daniel? [Daniel Radcliffe]? What the fewk are doing in my drive at...." quick glance at the bedstand clock "three in the fewkin' morning?!?!"

"I need a [scene], Jo, please, I need you to write me a scene. Some [magic|spellcasting], [Hogwarts] [banter]. Something. anything!! I just need a [Harry Potter] scene to act out."

Rowling blew some stray strands of hair out of her face and barked back, "it's over Danny, the stories are all done. I gave 'im a happy ending in [Deathly Hallows]. That's it Danny. No more Harry Potter. I'm done with it, I'm-- I'm Pottered out."

"But I need it, you don't understand," he took several steps closer to the house, hands out in a plea, "I need to be Harry Potter. Just a short story, come on. You can't make me quit [cold turkey]. Please Jo, I'm begging you."

"Look Danny, I made Harry Potter, I get to decide if anything else gets done with 'im. Ever. And I'm really fewkin'--"

"GODDAMMIT JO, I'M HARRY POTTER!!" Radcliffe saw the shock in Rawling's face at his declaration, and quickly backpedaled. "Oh, oh God, I'm so sorry Jo, I-- I just meant.... I really need...."

With a sigh of [resignation], Rowling threw up her hands. "Alright, alright, one scene. Wait a few minutes, I'll throw some clothes on and be down to the door."

Elated, Radcliffe whipped out his [cellphone] and autodialed an eagerly waiting number. "[Rupert Grint|Rupert]!! [Emma Watson|Emma]!! Come quick, she'll do it!!"