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Sentimentation is a [word], one of my [favorite]s of the [English language] [lexicon]. But let's be honest here, this node was never going to be just about the word itself, since I'm pretty sure that, up until I started using it, it was not even a word -- or at least, not one [recognition|recognized] by any English lexicon. But if it's not, then it ought to be, and isn't that enough?

Back to the word for a moment, 'sentimentation' reflects to the act or the result of making a [sentiment] about something, a [concrete] act of the expression of a feeling. It is my sincere sentimentation that we ought, when confronted by a burning need to employ a word which does not yet exist, to make that word right there on the spot. "There's no such word" is no [excuse] -- should such a barrier be given credence, a dearth of words would autolegitimate, for all were new at one time. So, make it, advocify it unafraidfully, thrust it boldly into your parlance -- remember the example of [William Shakespeare], who did just so at his whim in his many plays, earning an historical berth not only for moving authorship, but as well for lexicoinographics!! Remember [Lewis Carroll], all mimsy where the borogoves!!

And that, dear friends, is my deeply held sentimentation on the subject....