What happened this week? Well I'll tell you what didn't happen. The Pandeism Anthology Project did not get a John Templeton Foundation grant. Instead, we got this letter in the mail:
Thank you for your interest in the John Templeton Foundation and for submitting an Online Funding Inquiry. Your project, "Pandeism Anthology Series" (ID#FI-16523), was carefully reviewed and considered for funding.

Unfortunately, the Foundation has decided not to invite a full proposal for this project. Each inquiry is considered in relation to other submissions, along with the potential for innovation and outcomes that advance the Foundation's mission. We regret that we often have to decline even very promising project ideas.

The Foundation appreciates your time, effort, and thoughtfulness in preparing and submitting your inquiry. We wish you success in your future endeavors and efforts to obtain alternative funding for this project.

With best wishes,

John Churchill
John Templeton Foundation
Well ya can't win 'em all. And so, we will carry on as before, scrambling week to week and month to month to keep the lights on. But the lights, they do stay on....