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I am continuing to more or less keep up with my resolution to daylog at least weekly.

So here's my thought for the day. There is a sort of phenomenon of perception going on out in the world, between vegetarians and meat lovers, a seeming mutuality of contempt. There's a joke -- how can you tell if somebody is a vegetarian? Don't worry, they'll tell you. This is I think intended to capture the popular notion that vegetarians are braggarts hoisting a conviction of moral superiority. And indeed, there are perhaps just enough of my fellows who exude such an air to feed the popular image. But my personal experience after over a decade as a vegetarian has been the opposite. The people in my close-knit circle of friends tend to share in this practice so it doesn't come up there at all, but it seems that often enough in the mixed company of a public event like a wedding reception or a wake, it will come out when somebody seeks to insist that I try some meat dish, or simply notices the lack of meat on plate. And then comes the response of that person making a show of the meat they are eating, "oh, look at me, I'm eating a dead cow, this meat is so juicy and delicious."

People I barely know have surprisingly aggressively gotten into my space with a hamburger or a slice of beef or the like, mocking the fact of my preference for avoiding eating such. There have been pointed questions. Yes, I once was a carnivore; yes, I remember the taste of it; no, my health hasn't suffered; no, I don't miss it at all -- oh, there was a time when I did, but that's so long past that the notion of eating another animal seems as alien as eating a typewriter or a pocket watch. And it is, naturally, not everybody who displays such antics, indeed only a very, very few who do so. But perhaps just enough to leave vegetarians like me with the feeling that meat lovers are contemptuous types, hoisting a conviction of, if not moral superiority, some other kind of it.


In auditing news:

borgo -- on page 6 of.... 20-something.
borgette -- done!! (borgette seems to have stopped noding a few years back, and I wish she'd node again; but then I wish that of most everyone who used to but stopped somewhere along the line)

In my node auditing, I've been coming across a lot of pieces by Jack. There's irony there, as I long ago wrote a summary of the name history at Jack. Think I'll node audit Jack. Yeah.



Lest anybody ask, yes, my vegetarianism is in part corollary to my Pandeism, as I desire not to contribute to the infliction of suffering on animals which I believe make up part of the experience of our Creator. I have mentioned before, I feel no compunction against eating those eggs produced by fairly cared-for chickens raised on family farms whose proprietors are familiar to me.