First heat up your oven to 400 degrees
(We're preparing a dish to put fire in your soul)
Dice a peeled pound of potatoes, if you please,
With two teaspoons of catsup, toss this up in a bowl.

Add one teaspoon chili powder, to make fire flow,
Toss in two more of cumin and one more of salt,
Bake this mix in the oven twenty minutes or so,
While the next of your steps will increase the assault.

While the oven cooks up all those seasoned potatoes,
Recall that a great sauce demands going to pains;
Dice up three cayanne peppers and three jalapenos,
(You must know to first take out the seeds and the veins).

Now three peeled tomatoes in a pot, boil them up,
Add one onion, diced nicely, 'til the teardrops do swell
As they're boiling add chopped spinach, better make it three cups
And oh yes, fresh cilantro, chopped coarsely as well.

For maybe ten minutes those tomatoes will boil
'Til the spinach is wilted and the onions are tender
Enough time to fry twelve soft tortillas in oil
And to paste up your diced peppers in a blender.

Add a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes with which to dust
A pinch of garlic powder will be thrown in the mix
Rinse out one pound of fresh pinto beans (canned, if you must)
If the potatoes are done, well we'll see how this sticks.

Mix up those potatoes with the rinsed pinto beans,
And add in a few ounces of fresh queso fresco
Oil up a baking dish, nine inches by thirteen,
And what the heck, throw in a pinch more cilantro.

Roll this mix in the tortillas, just as tight as you wish,
About a half cup going into each roll;
Seam-side-down they go onto that oiled baking dish
(In some twenty more minutes, you'll arrive at your goal).

The boiled tomatoes and onions and spinach;
With those well-blended peppers now get mixed together
Spoon this mix on the tortillas to move towards the finish,
And on top of that sauce, add more cheese at your leisure.

Turning the oven down just to three-fifty;
For 20 more minutes they will bubble and bake;
Hope you find spicy-hot tortillas quite nifty,
And worth all the effort required to make!!