Okay folks, here it is, The Standard Offer.

If you have noded at E2 in yon distant past, but not in the recent past (which we will call, 'within the last three years' for purposes heretofore and foregoing) but -- and this is the big 'but' -- if you post ONE new regular (non-dayloggy) node within the next thirty days after the date of the publicization of this communication (which node must then survive the usual E2 editor vetting and voting), and inform me of this feat, then I do solemnly swear to perform upon you that delicate operation better known as a node audit, wherein I read and spread votes (applying my characteristic generosity of character) upon ALL your nodes.

And why would I do such a thing? Eh, for Pandeism. Let's just call it an effort at spurring the publication of new formulations of thought, and rewarding that activity with positivity, in the hopes of coming closer to an overall maximization of human happiness thereby. Blessings!!


In other news, the Mormon church now allows th at it is okay to be gay-- in the Boy Scouts, that is. The church has tipped the organization off that it supports the proposition to allow gays to be scouts, but not scoutmasters. But once there rare openly gay scouts, some will rise up through the ranks and it will only be a matter of time before they'll have the run of the organization, so good on them, and on the Mormons for supporting this evolution. This sort of reflects a sea change in Mormonism itself, as younger Mormons have come up rejecting certain antediluvian values of the old ones.


Node auditing already underway proceeds at a reeeeasonable pace:

passport is on page 12 of 27
Pseudo_Intellectual is on page 6 of 31
Segnbora-t is on page 6 of 34
And pukesick is on page 5 of 29.

In the queueueu: avalyn; BookReader.

Blessings, all!!