Ok this is like my first of many daily logs which will probably usually be boring. But, oh well, here goes nothing.

O.K. today has been going relatively good. I woke up had my sweet bowl of maple oatmeal creamy goodness, and watched the first 15min of Pokemon. Call me weird but at 6:30 in the morning there isn't much on.

On my walk to school it was cold and it sucked that I had to hold this stupid diorama of my room. Well, I got to school and guess what. My love Angelica was back from a ten day suspension. I kinda think that she gets my drift that I'm attracted to her, but she has a boyfriend. During class there were a few close moments where our faces were just inches apart, but ERRR!!!! Close but no cigar. I long for the smell of her nighthawk black hair, the gaze of her penetrating green eyes, but I can't have them. She said that If I asked she would go out with me, but she has a boyfriend so it wouldn't be right if I did ask. *SIGHS* Anyway maybe one day something will happen... but not today.

Other than that I am predicting that my day will be pretty uneventful (I am typing this at lunch time) but I wish I could have more time together with her.