I chose not to choose life: I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who need reasons when you've got heroin? - Renton


Director: Danny Boyle

Script: Irvine Welsh, John Hodge; based upon Welsh's novel of the same name.
Runtime: 94 Minutes
Released 1996

This movie has all the elements of classic cinema. That is to say, there's lots of Drugs, Sex, and Violence.

I'm not sure exactly what to say about this movie. I know, that while watching it, I kept thinking about the books that will induce a mindfuck node. Surely, if there was a motion picture version of that list, this movie would be near the top. Unless it's alphabetical, in which case it's near the bottom.

Of course, it's not surprising that this movie will mess with your mind a bit. Honestly, how many movies are out there that deal with heroin addiction? Oh yeah, that's what the movie's about by the way. It follows Mark 'Rent-boy' Renton as he attempts to clean up his life. In a manner of speaking.

The down side of coming off junk was that I knew I would need to mix with my friends again in a state of full consciousness. It was awful: they reminded me so much of myself I could hardly bear to look at them. Take Sick Boy, for instance, he came off junk at the same time as me, not because he wanted too, you understand, but just to annoy me, just to show me how easily he could do it, thereby downgrading my own struggle. Sneaky fucker, don't you think? And when all I wanted to do was lie along and feel sorry for myself, he insisted on telling me once again about his unifying theory of life. - Renton

It's a movie that keeps you interested. Despite the fact that pretty much everything in the plot is, to most people, an extremely serious topic, none of it seems that way while you're watching it. It seems more surreal than anything else. While you're watching it, you know you're not supposed to laugh at this shite, but you can't help it. It's hilarious at times. And everything is funnier in Scottish!

The movie doesn't really have much of a message. It takes you on a trip, and you're just supposed to sit back and enjoy yourself. It will make you think, but there is no overt moral to the story.

What this movie does have is a sense of style. Camera angles, various symbolism, intermeshing perfectly with the soundtrack. It's great.

The movie was a commercial success, making a shitload of money in the United Kingdom. It was also generally critically acclaimed, winning a number of various awards, and an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay. There were a number of people, however, who disliked the movie based upon some scenes which are too "gross." If you are sensitive to stuff like that, then it's probably best you don't watch it. Otherwise, I really suggest you do. It's a great ride.
Ewan McGregor       Mark 'Rent-boy' Renton
Ewen Bremner        Daniel 'Spud' Murphy  
Jonny Lee Miller    Simon David 'Sick Boy' Williamson  
Kevin McKidd        Tommy MacKenzie  
Robert Carlyle      Francis Begbie  
Kelly Macdonald     Diane  
Peter Mullan        Swanney  
James Cosmo         Mr. Renton  
Eileen Nicholas     Mrs. Renton  
Susan Vidler        Allison  
Pauline Lynch       Lizzy  
Shirley Henderson   Gail  
Stuart McQuarrie    Gavin/US Tourist  
Irvine Welsh        Mikey Forrester  
Sountrack (Artist: Track Title):
  1. Iggy Pop: Lust For Life
  2. Brian Eno: Deep Blue Day
  3. Primal Scream: Trainspotting
  4. Sleeper: Atomic
  5. New Order: Temptation
  6. Iggy Pop: Nightclubbing
  7. Blur: Sing
  8. Lou Reed: Perfect Day
  9. Pulp: Mile End
  10. Bedrock Featuring KYO: For What You Dream Of
  11. Elastica: 2:1
  12. Leftfield: A Final Hit
  13. Underworld: Born Slippy.NUXX
  14. IgDamonb Albarn: Closet Romantic
Soundtrack #2 (Hah! Yeah, there's two of them!)
  1. PF Project: Choose Life
  2. Iggy Pop: The Passenger
  3. Underworld: Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix)
  4. Georges Bizet: Habenera from Carmen
  5. Sleeper: Statuesque
  6. David Bowie: Golden Years
  7. Ice MC: Think about the way
  8. Leftfield: A Final Hit
  9. Heaven 17: Temptation
  10. Iggy Pop: Night clubbing (Baby Doc Remix)
  11. Fun Boy Three: Our lips are sealed
  12. Primal Scream: Come Together
  13. Joy Division: Atmosphere
  14. Goldie: Inner City Life
  15. Underworld: Born Slippy.NUXX (Darren Price Mix)