I think there's something wrong with me.

Normally, I have no problems keeping a flexible sleeping schedule. I can get 4 hours a day during the week and then catch up on sleep on the weekend by sleeping in for 12 hours. No problem. This really shouldn't be a problem now, considering I'm still out of classes. I got nothing to do than sleep.

However, for the past week or so, I haven't been able to sleep in. No matter how late I stay up, I've been getting up at 9-10ish. It's not really just a matter of not being able to sleep in, I'm waking up at that time even if I didn't get to bed the night before until quarter to 5. I mean, I've had problems with oversleeping before, who hasn't? But undersleeping? That's a new one.

Update from the next day:Yaay, slept in till 1:30 today. I'm cured!

So yeah, woke up today, after about 3.5 hours sleep, and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I went to play some Tetrinet, for about 3 hours before getting some breakfast and heading out to face the day.

For those of you know aren't aware, Calgary Transit sucks hairy goat ass. However, some of us don't really have a choice as to if we want to use it. I got on the bus today, and it was the bumpiest ride I have ever had in my life. I swear, we were driving over perfectly level pavement, and it felt like we were off-roading it over logs without shocks. For most of the ride, something under the bus was making this horrid metal on metal grinding sound that just can't be good. The bus was so bumpy that at one point in the ride, the freaking window emergency exit worked itself loose. Me and the girl sitting behind me had to close it. They really need to get some work done on some of their busses.

So, I went to school, and bought myself a bus pass for the month, because I had so much fun on the ride there. Bah, at least the C-Train is still nice and smooth. I ran up to the Gauntlet office and real some nodes for a bit before walking over to Kilkenny's for the...

Calgary Noder's Meet!

Sat there talking about School, Work, Noding, Bob the Angry Flower, politics, caffeine, girlie drinks, and whatever the fuck else ran through our deranged minds with (in order of appearance)PhysicsChic, Torque, JyZude, Lao-Tzu, Cecil, and AT. 'twas fun. Noders are cool. Some of them apparently aren't just really complicated perl scripts. Sat there in the bar shooting the shit for about three n' a half hours. Didn't seem nearly that long.

After that I hopped back on the train south, and headed over to my girlfriend's place to watch Buffy, and then Clue. Clue was hilarious. That movie is downright fucked up, but I loved it. Go. Watch it now.