Update: To all those who wished me luck, you guys rock. I knew that already. I'd thank each of you personally now, but this computer is slow as hell and charges by the minute, and I've got a lot of ironing to do. - 22 Jan 2005.

All my worldly goods are packed into boxes, and I have said farewell to all of my friends, not knowing how long it will be until I see them again.

On Friday January 14, 2005, at 07:30 I will board a plane headed to Montreal, Quebec. Upon arrival, I will transfer to a military transport bus, to take me to the Canadian Forces training center in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Starting Monday morning, I fully expect to be yelled at by a french Sergeant as he makes me, and a squad of other officer cadets, run through the snow. Thankfully, it's only expected to be -9° C.

Unfortunately, along with all those fun aspects of basic training comes a lack of both internet access, and adequate time to browse E2 / flirt in the catbox. So, I guess I'll be taking a little vacation.

I will be able to get on once in a while, on the weekends and such, and I'll do my best to post updates on how the training's going. So if you want to see me whining about what will likely prove to be the most miserable, gruelling 14 weeks of my life, be sure to check the daylogs.

If I do persevere, I'm not entirely sure now which will have been my main motivating factor... sheer stubbornness, fear of the shame of failure, or actually just wanting it bad enough. I imagine it'll be a combination of all three, plus a few others. But anyhow, I'd like to thank all you wonderful noders who have encouraged me throughout the whole enrollment process, I'm sure you know who you are.

Overall, you group of random "strangers" have been more helpful through this than, oh, my family. I don't think I can really put into words how much you guys mean to me, which I suppose is why, this being a text only medium and all, I don't really state it that often. But anyways, rest assured, I'm going to be missing you crazy cats.

Shockingly, the computer is the last thing I'm packing away, but it's time to do so now. I'll see you guys in a while!

/me wanders off, humming In the Navy.

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