A few thoughts on basic training.

So, the days are long and they keep us busy throughout, with a few breaks in between. As a result, at the end of the week, it feels not like a week, but one loooonnnnggg day. It's kind of going fast in a way, but at times it feels like I've been stuck here for months instead of 3 weeks. Fortunately, only one more week to go until we can get leave passes for the weekend, and get the heck out of this place, if only for two days. That first beer in Montreal is going to taste so sweet.

I'm sucking at my inspections, and finally this morning "passed" my first one. Apparently I don't know how to fold at all. And I suc at ironing. Fortunately the 6 guys sharing the pod with me are willing to help out, and I just get to clean other stuff. At least I'm pretty good at shining boots so far. But really, if the sarge wants to look hard enough, he can find somethign to bust anyone.

That having been said, if it wasn't for the inspections, which are what's keeping us so busy all night long, this course would be a lot of fun. First aid, weapons training, militairy protocol, all are pretty interesting. The Physical Training can be fun too, in the swimming pool or on the obstacle course. Or, of course, the 5 km runs at 05:00. And then there's drill. Drill is fun. Marching around in synch with 40 other people is rather cool. Mind you, we need a lot of work, but we've got the fundamentals down.

I've got to keep an eye on what I eat, as I'm gaining weight. The food is plentiful, and a dessert with every meal probably not a good idea. Most of the time, we're rather rushed, so it's scarfing down whatever we can as fast as we can. Not very healthy.

But overall, it's going rather well for myself, but I can see that the pace is starting to get to some of the other people in my platoon. We're all trying to help each other out, but there's a couple I think are going to drop out anyways.

Anyways, I'm paying by the minute for this stupid slow computer, and I've got cleaning to do, so I should run. Fare thee well sweet noders, and hopefully I'll get another chance to letcha know how things are going soon.

Palpz's Basic Training Adventure!

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