So, yeah. I got myself a NEW COMPUTER.

No no no, even better than that! I built it myself. And this would be the first node I've posted with it. Wee!

And I'm enjoying this sucker. It's nice and quick. And of course, the most important difference is that unlike the old one, it's NOT running Windows 98.

Really, it was starting to get bad. I've be rebooting between 5 and 10 times a night. And of course, since it was my parents' computer, I could not go out and get a more stable operating system.

Thankfully WinXP is a lot more stable. Well, so far.

Let's have a look at some stats!

The only thing that kinda sucks is the Monitor. I'm all starving studentish, so I decided to cut costs and get a used 15 inch for $80. I do wish that I could have splurged on that.

Of course, I'll be moving into my fraternity house soon enough, since my parents have decided to move to Edmonton, and it's unlikely that I'll even have the cash to blow on a proper desk, so I guess I shouldn't whine about a small monitor.

What I just love is how the student loan system works. Because my parents are moving, I've gotta move out and start paying rent and actually buy food. But of course, because Dad now has a higher paying job, the increase in "expected parental contribution" is higher than the increase in living expenses, so I'd actually get less if I told them.

This is of course despite the fact that he's been out of a job for the past two years.

*mutter* dirty bastards

Anyways, new computer. Yay!