I had really bad luck today.

I don't know what it is. First it rains. I work outside. Then I'm just bad all day, tripping, backing over stuff, breaking stuff, almost killing myself...

Now, I work in a lumber yard. We ship packages out to housing developments and the like. We've normally got 5 people building these packages, and I usually just clean up after them. But, since Rodger's on vacation, I build one once in a while.

I walk into the break room at 7 in the morning, and am told that another two of these guys didn't make it in. In other words, fuck I'm gonna be busy today.

So I get out there and I'm wet and I'm miserable and I'm pulling freaking rebar around and I'm tripping over stuff, and I'm breaking boards, and I'm forgetting to throw stuff on orders, I'm having stuff falling off my forklift as I'm driving around, and I'm having the banding that we use to secure the boards of lumber together breaking on me.

It keeps on going like this. Soon after lunch, I go to throw out some stuff, but the garbage is full. So, I go grab this big concrete block with some chains attached that we use to crush the garbage down.

I go, crush it, and lift it back out. Now, the spot where we keep the block was just on the other side of the aisle from where I am, so I just go and back up. Of course, I'm backing up a slight incline.

I start to lower the load, and the incline seems to be getting a bit steeper. At first I think maybe I hit a block of wood or something, but it soon gets a lot steeper than that.

So, as soon as I figure out that, oh shit, this thing's tipping over, I grab onto the steering wheel and hold on tight.

Fortunately the damned thing only tipped forward, otherwise I likely woulda had a nice meeting with the pavement a second after the forklift hit the pavement and I kept on going. Assuming of course that I didn't let instincts take over and do something stupid like try and jump out and get caught between the cage and the ground. That would have hurt.

So yeah, I just hopped down from there, and got the hell out of the way so the other guys could upright my forklift with theirs. Nice of them.

And the kicker is that my luck didn't get any better until about 2 hours after that.

Was still a weird day. Although technically crappy, I was actually having fun. I guess it's because A) I didn't get hurt. And B) While I was breaking a minor amount of stuff, none of it was mine! Alright!

... stupid work, I can't wait till school starts again.