And another Bermuda Shorts Day has come and gone, leaving in it's wake a trail of empty beer bottles, hamburger wrappers, and hung over university students.

I love the last day of classes. I hate professors who schedule stuff worth marks on BSD. Fortunately I don't have one of those this year, but I've got enough friends who couldn't go wild on Tuesday like the rest of us.

I'm not sure how things usually are at other schools, but here at the University of Calgary, the last day of classes usually envelops most of the drinking places in the city, well at least all the ones near the school and most of the ones downtown.

This isn't always a good thing. Apparently last year there was a big fight in the beer gardens. And now, ever since the Den finished renovations, there have been more and more problems like it, with non students coming onto campus and making trouble. There have been several incidents at the Den, including one guy who got stabbed in the throat, most of them only involving people who don't go to the University. It's been enough that they started closing down the Den an hour earlier every day.

This year, in order to prevent something like that, the SU changed it so that only students and one guest per student could get into the beer gardens or the Den. You had to get a wristband the week before, and wear it until Tuesday. I got a wristband, but never made it onto campus. Instead, I was at the

Phi Gamma Delta's 3rd Annual Great Canadian Couch Party!

The premise is simple. We take a bunch of couches from the basement of our fraternity house, and drag them across the street onto the neighbour’s lawn, and drink. Starting at about 9 AM. Nothing gets you more weird looks than sitting on the lawn drinking in the early morning. At least it wasn't snowing this year.

Now, I had missed the bus home the night before, so in order to get home to fetch my booze and my party clothes, I caught the first C-Train headed south, so I could go all the way down and catch my bus home, grab my stuff, and head back.

So, I wake up at 5:15 AM, hit home at about 7, hop back on the bus and head back to my fraternity house after a quick stop off at McDonalds, getting there at about 8:30. I was hurrying because I didn't want to be too late.

So, of course, when I get there, there's only two other people awake, one of whom is studying for an exam at 10. We wake people up, dragging some couches outside. Of course, I'm the only one who brought some CD's. It woulda been better if Tom's CD burner hasn't broken, well, been broken, because then I could have had some copies of music to get drunk to. But alas.

Later on, Adam decides to put up some Molson banner's, trying to use scotch tape. <sarcasm>Yeah, that'll work. I swear, I had to do everything around here.</sarcasm> So I pull out a roll of duct tape from my backpack.

'twas fun, sitting around, enjoying our refreshments, and listening to music. I was drinking Lemonhart Rum in Pepsi Twist, and some Peach Schnapps. Mmm... Eventually that party winded down, and some of us headed off to a small house party, where I saw one of the weirdest things in quite a while.

We were sitting around, chatting and watching the Simpsons when this one guy collapsed onto the floor and started twitching and kicking. I think he was muttering something, and one of his roommates was trying to calm him down, which consisted pretty much of moving any tables away and repeatedly saying his name and telling him that they did call his ex-gf and left a message.

Apparently this happens on a somewhat regular basis to this guy. When he gets drunk he starts letting out all the issues and such that he's been repressing, or something along those lines. Either way, it was weird. And then he eventually got up and looked just fine a few minutes later.

So we left soon after that, headed to get some fast food, and then went down to the Embassy. It's a cool nightclub that has a rooftop patio. Was fun but nothing really happened there. We headed back to the fraternity house and I crashed on one of the couches there. And god was I sore this morning. Was a fairly restless sleep.