I did something stupid last night.

I fell off a moving vehicle.

Yes, I was drunk.

Ok, it was after a party. Well, technically after a post party, since after the party a bunch of us headed over to Mark's place. But whatever.

Party was ok. Spent a fair amount of time hitting on hot chicks and not really getting anywhere. What else is new?

So, we're headed home. It's me, Karl and Jeff. Karl's going to drive, Jeff's going to his place, and Karl and me are headed back to our fraternity house. I get out there and call shotgun.

Now, Jeff claims that he automatically gets shotgun because he was in Karl's pledge class. I say that's bullshit because Jeff didn't initiate, and brothers should get it over anyone else. So, I grab the door, and start to open it to get in.

Karl decides to resolve the argument by starting to drive away. What he didn't realize at the time was that I, being drunk and stupid at the time, would start to move with him.

So, I'm running alongside the car, and Karl's speeding up. Eventually I trip or something, and roll onto the road. Karl guesses that he was going about 15-20 kilometers per hour when I fell.

So yeah, Karl turns around and comes back to pick up Jeff and me and drives us home. The net result of the night was that I was down about 20 bucks, some PEZ, and up one painful scrape on my knee and a hole in my jeans.

Heh, still an enjoyable night though.