I thought I'd node this, because this has now happened to me twice now, and wanted to know if others have seen this as well. If you're one of the two, hi! Don't think they're noders, but you never know. (I have never mentioned this to either of them, so they may/may not know) If the words you want to tell me about this aren't saying that you'd like to see more of me (the sense of that should be obvious), then just don't tell me. Head is screwed enough as it is.

Ok, enough waffle, so on to the content. Here's the problem. Twice, I have met beautiful, intelligent CS girls. The first one (just by the act of meeting her) was the first really CS person (aside from myself) I'd ever met. I knew a lot of other geeky-types from home, but mostly hardware people, not software people. They never understood CS theory the way I did. This girl was the first other person I could talk to that understood that feeling, plus we had a freaky number of other things in common. A random band that I liked, that was import-only she liked also (most everyone else would never have even heard of this band, let alone like them). This was great. For 6 hours, I was on some sort of cloud 9 experience. The time with her was great. However, at some point in the conversation her fiance was mentioned. Part of me thought "shit". Part of me figured that the chances of someone like that being sans-boyfriend was low, and I was grateful for the time I spent with her. We exchanged email addresses at the end of the day, and we still talk from time to time. This was 3 years ago, and I can still remember vast chunks of that day like it was yesterday.

Fast forward a bit, to about a year or so ago. I start Uni, and as a result of this meet another CS girl. There was a few girls in our year in CS, but not many. There was another, a classic beauty type that many of my peers were joking about, but she did nothing for me. Just not someone I'd be interested in talking to. This CS girl was a different matter. I hadn't spoken to her in the first few weeks, just hadn't run into each other (there were many people in our year, this is entirely possible). I can't remember exactly how this started, but I think maybe she'd heard me saying things in lecture or something, she wanted to ask me a few questions later, drop me a few emails when she was at her home box. She was given my mail address (well, actually my surname so she could grab my mail addy later from the year list, it was simpler, for some reason... said I didn't remember everything). Over the course of the next 2 days (like the following 48 hours since I'd met her for the first time), I recieved a total of ~40 emails, 2 SMS messages, and she tracked me down on ICQ. Admittedly, she was having major shit with a bit of c/w that I was able to do easily, but still. What is a guy meant to think about that sort of level of concentration in a girl? I was at some point made aware that she had a fiance also (chances of me making a move before I've been persuing someone for a number of months is a low thing, need to work on the self-esteem), which I again thought was a bit annoying - some other bugger had got there first.

Now, have I just been unlucky, or are most of the really nice (as in nice ppl, but also CS ppl) CS girls already engaged? What the hell age do CS guys have to find these girls in order to get there before they are permenantly set in with someone else? Time to keep looking out there methinks.....

This node brought to you by Palfrey's sense of irony and rage