Stuff not to during the exam that you're dreading the most: Sleep

This is a little out of date (as this happened to me yesterday), but so is everything I'm writing here today, as I haven't noded in quite a while (I've been busy, as you will soon see...). I turn up to this exam 1h15 in, of a 2hr exam. This was my worst possible nightmare. My exam paper may now not get accepted by the exam board. I may have to retake. This is causing me much stress. And of all the messed up crap that has happened with this, the university also call my parents trying to find me when I don't turn up for tht beginning of the exam. Given that neither parent will get this message for another ~9 hours, this was kinda pointless, and simply causing of much stress, as my parents spoke to one of my housemates, and the last words I'd said to him were "I'll be back in a couple of days" (jokingly referring to the amount of time I've spent with my new gf over the last week). They panicced, and this is just not good.....

Oh, that's the other vitally important thing in my life. I have a girlfriend. For the first time in, well depends how you count, but ignoring stupid shit involving deranged housemates and so on, a bit over 2 1/2 years. That's a long time for a 21 year old bloke. Who is still a virgin, mostly because I realised that I couldn't cope with the breakneck pace that this current relationship was going. She agreed, we're still having lots of fun, my purity score has dropped a fair few points in the last week and a half, but slowing down on everything, not proceeding with some things until we're ready. This weekend should be interesting, as we've both got a ~7 day gap between exams, and so we're having some R&R. Original plans was "don't get out of bed", but I don't know what we're going to do now. Possibly just relax with one another, simply spend time rather than doing anything else.

This has all been very intense, my senses haven't quite been able to cope with the level of sensation here. Delay, slow down, relax. There's plenty of time