Woo hoo! My 21st birthday! It's here (at last)

I've been spending a lot of time recently, thinking about a lot of things in my life. Net results of this..
  1. A decision to do PhD work after I finish my BSc
  2. Two New Year's Resolutions
    1. Shave/shower more often (go you strategically shaved monkeys!) which may well help the second which is...
    2. Well, it was "get laid", which I've been using for a few years (keep going till it works...), but it's now been retired, in favour of "have a relationship that I will be willing to count at the end of the year", which is nicer and a lot more stable.
All in all, it's been an interesting 21 years. Here's hoping for a few more yet (come on down singularity...)