Given my considerably alcoholic state last night, that and the "which day are you on at 1am" problem, I think a lot of the stuff here is relevant to today, but some of it might be over-spill from yesterday.. oh well

Thing of note (or, when he stops waffling and gets to the content):
Despite the beard (vague intentions of its growing included the stopping of myself from attempting to pull impossible women, as I don't have enough time this year to spend in a fucked up emotional state), I was still vaguely "on the pull" last night. Reasons for this roughly include the finally getting to meet a girl I'd spotted a couple of times over the last few years - a face that had stood out heavily in several crowds to me, but I'd never had an opportunity to speak to her. She turns out to the the housemate of the girlfriend of the housemate of a friend of mine (good reasons why I'd never met her before....).

She turns out to be a aero, which is cool. We ended up in some rambling drunken argument, with her stating various opinions heavily against broadband - which I considered a fucked up point of view, given my existence as an information pack rat CS. I finally thought of a decent argument against, proving her to be a total and utter hypocrite, but unfortunately I thought about this at ~2am this morning, well after I'd got back, which sucks dead slugs through a straw. At least I've got a line to start a conversation with her next term.

Update: Finally opened my advent calendar today... I had better things to do before, besides I'm an atheist, so I'm not particularly fussed if I don't do conventional things when I get given religious gifts (It was given to me by my loopy religious grandmother)