D'you know something - I've got this really weird feeling. Just something crawling out of my hindbrain that seems to say "today will be good". I've had this since ~3am. Curiously enough, it's a fun little vicious circle. I think something good will happen, therefore I feel in a good mood, then the cycle gets repeated and re-inforced.

Just something in my bones.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine (Mr. White, a non-noder to my knowledge), and his response was simply "Good man, positive attitude recursive feedback loop!"
Ack, Mozilla is pissing me off today. D/l'ed the latest build last night, and over-wrote the previous stable one I liked (0.9.6 sucks ass). This one isn't stable, and I'm now using a week-old semi-stable build. Which f'ed up trying to use the E2 scratch pad so I'm back to using IE for a while..... *grumble*

Update: Build 2001121403 is stable! Yay! No more IE! (On other news, yesterday was mixed. Housemate managed to pull someone off my course, and the rest of us spent the night stopping her asshole supposed friend from still trying to pull the person she'd just pulled. Mike, if you come anywhere near my house *ever* again, I'm going to make your life as uncomfortable as possible.)