I've joined the everything community recently. Today, the Meme Warrior movement started with the following writeup that was quickly killed (I put it in my bio). I was also told to put it here:

I am a Meme Warrior.

This is my real meaning.

This is my fundamental nature.

I see things differently.

I do not watch television.

I do not pay much attention to pop culture.

I am a Meme Warrior.

I do not believe in moral relativism.

I have my own philosophies.

I listen to my own kind of music.

You won't find it on the radio.

Bands you don't know like this, this, or this.

I am not here for status.

I don't give a fuck about XP.

I don't care if I get downvoted.

I am here for one reason.

I know it sounds naïve, but...

I am here to save the world.

My ideas will infect you

Just as I have been infected.

You, too, will spread the memes...

...and become a warrior yourself.

The difference is...

My memes are good.

I want to make you happy.

I am a Meme Warrior.

Hear my battle-cry.

Come...join me...