Her name is Cassandra. At first I was going to write this cheesy D&D adventure rendition of the whole excursion and re-name her Charisma for the sake of anonymity but *fuck a grape Christ* this is just too ironic. Besides sentiment sucks, and I'm sure the whole fucking world's done the D&D theme before.(cliche: +2d4 when attacking Shane).

She calls me up for the first time in four years. She wanted to go to a "nice dive-bar", and conversationalize. What struck me was the middle of the night, how she told me that her name meant servant to men. But I was lost in that perfect field, with Orange Hostess cupcakes and fried chicken and didn't remember at first how she had said she preferred people to call her Cass, now. It was beautiful. Cue the blood!!!

All went against Murphy's Law, until I dropped her off. I bought her breakfast (dinner? drunkfast? whatever...), we got to her house and then, help me out here... she spaces out and leaves. She says some weird shit about getting drunk and walks away forever.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that
sleep doesn't fix everything. It does.
I've never, in twenty-one years,
lost the rent, got beat up,
or had my heart broken while asleep.
In slumber, no one can touch you.
Except, maybe, Freddy Krueger, but
I've never met Mr. Krueger, and he
doesn't bother me, so, as it stands,
sleep fixes everything.

)...-And the reason why curiosity sucks???-...(