1969 Woody Allen movie. A comedy faux documentary of the not-such-a-criminal-mastermind Virgil Starkweather, this was the first of Allen's work in which he wrote, directed and starred. Jackson Beck narrates the tale of young Virgil, following him from his boyhood where he played cello in a marching band to his eventual incarceration after a poorly planned bank robbery (bank robbers should always try to avoid double-booking banks). Along the way, Virgil meets and marries a beautiful laundress - paying for dates with change stolen from vending machines - played by Janet Margolin.

This movie is perhaps the high mark of Allen's early comedic work, before he began his quixotic crusade to become America's Ingmar Bergman with more depressing films such as Interiors, Shadows and Fog and Husbands and Wives. It complements nicely his other comedic outings from this time such as Sleeper and Bananas.