So far, so good was the motto for the day, I actually got off of my fat butt to clean out my car, I filled a full-size metal garbage can full of crap ( the usual stuff, fishing poles, old oil soaked Combos snacks and the like) and I looked at my work, and saw that it was good. Then I got invited to a friend's house for a Bible study session, and while I usually eschew such group studying (some of my friends can sound like John Moschitta on a endless loop when they get going) I decided not to be the usual social jerk that I am, and show up.

Once there, I was surprised that so many people had shown up, and even more surprised that I did not already know them all. Even better, the food was good and the conversation wasn't completely coma-inducing, so I actually had a decent time.

When I had taken leave of my hosts for the evening physically and spirtually filled, it was off to home to see how the Boston Red Sox had fared in my absence. To my dismay, they had managed to screw it up again, the game was tied at one apiece in the 10th inning. I watched with oncoming dread as another inning went by, but in the end the Sox prevailed, so it was shaping up to be a unspectacular day, but not a bad one.

Then I got it...The letter, the reason I am writing this boring crap. The one with my state's DMV logo on the front. You would think the DMV and myself are the best of friends, considering all of the letters that I get from them. But titles such as "License Suspension Notice", Driver Re-education Death Camp Invitation (I have been to this class twice, I suppose it doesn't re-educate very well) doesn't engender much friendship. Now I have the complete set, the title of this one being "Out Of State License Suspension Notice".....Day ruined. Goverment Sucks.