Had a weird dream, one of the few I have ever remembered. I was in this swingset-playground-type thing behind my house with this big, red, tubular slide on the front. The slide was kind of Y-shaped, as I remember, and the top left arm of the Y was the part of the slide I always began on. I could only slide through it if you put your rear right above the hole, and then I was sucked in or something and I was bent over so that my feet were at the same level as my forehead. Once you got to the middle of the Y, you could do the same thing to the right hand side of the Y and you would slide up that side and end up on top. Later on in the dream I discovered that there was a horizontal bar at the center of the Y, so that when you came out the first half, you could swing around on the bar and go up the second half right then. Weird stuff.

So anyway, I see coming across the yard for me two of my neighbor's sons, ones that I really don't like too well, and I know their names. They both have shiny silver handguns in their hands. My brother appears out of nowhere and takes on one of them; I take on the other one, the one I'm more familiar with. I wrestle the gun out of his hand, and I remember that in doing so, he shoots the gun into the ground and I check to see if he shot my foot or something like that. I have his gun, the cops appear out of nowhere and handcuff him and the other guy, and the last thing I remember is my dad coming out of the front door, presumably to talk to the cops and bitch-slap the neighbors (who he doesn't particularly like either).

I seldom remember dreams, but I was sick two nights ago, so maybe that had something to do with it. Or maybe it was millenial shock. I dunno.