I don't like moving. I don't like packing either. I avoid both at all costs, but in some cases, such as going to college coming home for the summer, I lose.

I spent all day packing, and I failed at that. I was supposed to be ready for my mom to come and pick my up by five, but I didn't start packing until about four.

After much hassle, I finally got myself home, or to my real home. My home right now is actually my dorm room.

I like my dorm room. It is mine. It has my stuff in it, the way I like it. Everything I need is there, and there is no other junk in my way. I don't have stuff I never use, but feel the need to keep. Everything in my dorm room is usuable. Somehow.

Anyway, I am sitting in my "high school" room amongst boxes and bags full of my "college" stuff. I feel like I am in a hotel. The bed is uncomfortable. I don't like this bed I grew up in. It doesn't feel the same. I have no floor space right now, believe it or not. Everything I brought back is covering my floor completely. You can't even see my carpet. It seems like it doesn't fit in my room now.

I don't really think I acquired that much stuff, but perhaps I did. I do have a construction sign that my roommate and I swiped. And the construction cone that was next to it. Not to mention a No Parking sign. Those will fit nicely on my walls. Oh, and shoes. I am now officially a shoe whore. In the course of one school year, I acquired seven pairs of shoes. I didn't think that was possible, but it is. The worst part is that I wear them all.

So, I guess I have the summer task of "cooling" my high school room. (Note: Not the same cool as on Everything2, although I wish it was that easy!) I have to move the bed, paint the walls, install the shelves, and rearrange the rest of the furniture. Oh, I acquired three chairs at school too. I have posters to put up, but my dad isn't too crazy on the idea of his precious baby having a poster up that says "Murphy's Laws On Sex." He claims it degrades my innocence. I tell him it was gone all long time ago.

Anyway, why is moving back home so hard? I have lost all freedom, all responsibility, all decision-making. This is a big change. I don't think I like this change very much. Hmmmm.